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Opium Chinatown

I’ve wanted to visit Opium ever since I heard that it was opening.


Another discrete experimental cocktail bar in Chinatown is very much up my street and I had the perfect excuse to pay a visit; New Years Eve.


After a friendly and helpful email exchange I made my booking for the evening and waited with baited breath.


Maybe because it was NYE or maybe because Opium is fresh faced and nicely hidden away but it wasn’t too busy when we arrived (it did fill up as the night went on before we left though)

Through an unmarked [Jade] door and up an old staircase (does this sound familiar??) we found ourselves in a beautiful dark room with a mix of booths, low seats and worn tables.


Id liked to have tried every cocktail on the menu but after being quite eager on the delicious dim sum I was pretty stuffed pretty quickly!


We did try the soon to be, if not already, infamous Opium Cocktail No.1 which I hear is limited to 3 per customer. Its a little dry ice smoking cauldron of rum and absinthe with the added touch of a ginseng capsule.

The double bubble tea was a personal favourite as I do enjoy the fun of bubble tea! There’s something kind of playful about the big straw and balls of tapioca but mix in 12 year old Chivas Regal whisky and you definitely have an adult fit for adult. I had mine cold but am intrigued as to how it tastes served hot, which is an option.


Laughing Buddha and the Emperors New Clothes are other oriental themed cocktails from their clever menu that you must try. And if you only go for cocktails and not for the food, at least have a portion of the amazing Lobster and prawn sesame toast as well. You cant go to Opium and not try them!


I’ll definitely be back (because I’m going to try every single cocktail, I am!) and I would like to have a seat at the Bartenders table – it was a shame that there was a private party in the attic room when we came and I don’t think I’ve had the full Opium experience without sitting with other cocktail fans marvelling Dre Masso’s creations!


Opium, you are my new favourite Chinatown cocktail bar!


by @Jarvdesign


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