Nome App

We’ve found a VERY exciting new app that we think you are going to LOVE. Allow us to introduce, your new pocket friend, Nome.

Do you ever find yourself reading about new restaurants that you want to check out, only to forget what they were called when you’re out and about? Or maybe you’re going on holiday and have written a long list of restaurants you want to check out on the back of an envelope/in your phones notes/sent to your poor suffering boyfriend via a million WhatsApp’s?

Well Nome is going to change all of that nonsense. Simply download the app for free, quickly create a profile and you can start saving everywhere you want to go in one place. Then when you are ready, just open the app and it will show you the restaurants you’ve saved, in order of how close they are to you at that moment.  Genius! We’re not just talking London, you could be in NYC, Santorini, Milan. ANYWHERE!


Not only that, but you can check off places once you’ve visited and rate them (love, like or the passive agressive, ‘been there’). It’s so addictive, we were frantically trying to remember all of the hundreds of restaurants we’ve visited over the years to add to our profile. To see how many you’ve been too, go to the feed and tap on your profile picture.

If you are a bit of a foodie you probably get asked for recommendations by friends and family all the time, right? Well now you can just get them to download the app and follow you. That way they can see all of the places you love, like or have frequented on a handy map and either head straight there or they can add them to their own list for a future date. You can add photos and comments to help you remember what you thought of the restaurant, or just simply add to your profile.

Nome App

From a bloggers point of view, we love how it makes our website USEFUL to you guys on the go. We are forever trying to make the site the best it can be, but until we make our own app (ha!), Nome is the next best thing (probably better tbh). Just follow us and you’ll have access to all of our reviews via the app. Are you a blogger yourself? Create a profile and add your own reviews and BOOM you’ve just driven more traffic to your website. Hurrah!

If you’re STILL not convinced (I mean, seriously?? It’s awesome!) we all know how important it is to be an early-adopter of these apps. The early birds have THE biggest followers and I have no doubt this is going to be the next big thing. Why? Because it’s insanely useful, easy to use and addictive. Try it and let us know what you think!

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