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Nine Lives Bar

Zero Waste is THE buzz phrase of the moment and London Bridge’s Nine Lives is leading the way when it comes to sustainability. Standing by a ‘waste nothing’ ethos, useless plastic straws are replaced by reusable (and degradable) bamboo, there’s no napkins and ingredients are used in new ways to get more out of them.

But if you were expecting some kind of new age hippy dippy interior – think again. Nine Lives is pure class. The basement bar is dark and moody with yet more bamboo, hanging plants and pretty marble tables that you’ll want to take home with you. It’s a bit tiki, a bit colonial, and the large velvet banquettes are just calling out to groups of after-work revellers.

The name ‘Nine Lives’ refers to an ethos of salvation. Lemon skin, oils & juice are used in cocktails; the bar re-distills the pith to produce essential oils which are used in liqueurs and hand soap; the bar then balances the pH of the discarded pith/skin/pulp and composts it which is then used to fertilise their backyard herb garden.

But what about the drinks!?

Start with the prosecco based ‘Alright Blossom’ (served with a wink), in a champagne glass, it’s a bright pink concoction with a flavour reminiscent of Turkish Delight. Move onto the fruity, Tiki-inspired Kuti Bird served in a fabulous wooden vessel and finish your night with the perfect nightcap – the Moby Dick with coconut washed whisky and salted caramel syrup.

They’ve recently added a small wine list too if you don’t feel up to drinking cocktails all night.

Music isn’t forgotten with the bar playing an eclectic soundtrack and if you get bored there’s even shuffleboard in the games room.

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