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New Menu at Camden’s Zen Sai Bar

Zen Sai unveils it’s new zesty summer season menus featuring new signature cocktails, dishes and small plates menus.

The summer season’s additions feature new signature long and short drinks that bring fresh, classic twists using premium spirits, homemade Zen Sai syrups, sherbets, bitters and the finest daily fresh fruits and vegetables, all intended to be intoxicating and refreshing on a hot summer day and all created to harmonise with the new summer food menus which fuse together all the delicious favours and smells of the east in the form of light and spicy small plates, great for snacking or sharing with friends, with extensive food and drinks menus, Zen Sai has something on offer for everyone.

Situated over an attractive split level conversion building with tranquil dining area and a downstairs laid back hip low lit bar on Camden’s lively Inverness Street, just a stone’s throw from all the eclectic Camden nightlife action, Zen Sai marries three main loves, Malaysian and Indian food, classic cocktails done well and supreme funk music.

Zen Sai



Kumquat And Passionfruit Caparioska
Zen Sai say: ‘A perfect summer drink with strong citrus, sweet and sour flavours’
The mix : Grey Goose, 42 Below passionfruit vodka, fresh kumquats, fresh lime, crushed ice, burnt orange

Tamarind Mint Julep
Zen Sai say: ‘This classic southern american classic gets an eastern twist ‘
The mix: Jack Daniels,mint leaves,tamarind pulp,sugar,crushed ice,fresh tamarind

Victorias Garden
Zen Sai say: ‘Quintessentially english, extremely refreshing’
The mix: Bombay sapphire gin,fresh basil,fresh lime,crushed cucumber,fresh mint

Stevie Wonder
Zen Sai Say: ‘Seriously strong,with caramel and citrus notes’
The mix: Goslings 151 rum,trois rivieres sugar cane,fresh lime,fire



Beef Rendang
A celebrated dish that dates back to the 16th century with diced flank steak, slowly cooked in a blend of fresh spices and coconut milk

Chicken Dansak
A Persian delicacy adopted by Malaysians, chicken on the bone is cooked with lentils, green chillies, mangosteen and tamarind

Spicy Whole Seabass
A succulent Seabass infused and cooked with lime, chilli, garlic and ginger


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