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Nespresso On Ice Gourmet Tasting Menu at Bibendum

Nespresso On Ice Gourmet Tasting Menu at Bibendum

Nespresso has teamed up with superstar chef Claude Bosi at Bibendum to create the “Nespresso On Ice Gourmet Menu” available exclusively until 31st July 2018.

They’ve collaborated with the Michelin star chef to celebrate the launch of the Nespresso Chill Out Your Summer campaign and its two limited-edition Italian iced coffees, Salentina and Shakerato, with the special lunchtime menu served alongside the iced coffees.

We actually got sent some of these pods to try and liked them alot. I’ve written about them in more detail over at The Independent if you want to find out more.

The menu includes a jersey royal salad with smoked Nespresso Ristretto hollandaise, brown butter Nespresso Origin India mayonnaise lobster rolls and a veal and shrimp steamed bun – and concludes with soft serve apple tarte tatin in a cone.

Nespresso On Ice Gourmet Tasting Menu at Bibendum

Set in the luxurious setting of Bibendum which gained two Michelin stars after just eight months of opening, Claude Bosi, Head Chef at Bibendum said: “The summer-inspired menu features refreshing dishes and aromas to provide guests with a chilled palate, with a twist, alongside the Nespresso limited-edition iced coffee. Available throughout July, we hope guests enjoy something a little different this summer.”

To book the “Nespresso On Ice Gourmet Menu”, guests can call +44 (0)207 589 1480


The “Nespresso On Ice Gourmet Menu” consists of:

  • Jersey Royal salad, smoked Nespresso Ristretto Hollandaise (£15)
  • Brown butter Nespresso origin India mayonnaise lobster roll (£27)
  • Veal & Shrimp steamed bun (£14.50)
  • Soft serve Apple Tarte tatin in cone (£6.75)


To find out more about the Nespresso Chill Out Your Summer campaign and its two limited-edition Italian iced coffees, Salentina and Shakerato visit:

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