Mr Bao comes to Peckham

Mr Bao have opened the doors of their debut establishment on Peckham’s Rye Lane to breath new culinary life and much needed Asian flavors into the heart of the community…

Mr Bao
Having acquired an old run down shop on Rye Lane, founders Frank Yeung and Nick Birkett have painstakingly transformed the neglected premises into the heart of Mr Bao’s first London venture offering a welcoming dining oasis for all.

With interior inspo drawn straight from Asian coastal docks, their bashed cooper and solid industrial steel furniture creates the perfect Eastern setting to enjoy some buns!


Mr Bao


• 24 hour slow braised pork belly, fresh roasted peanuts with sticky homemade hoisin sauce in a fluffy bao bun
• Homemade chive and prawn dumplings
• Millionaire’s bacon ribs
• Bao S’Mores with marshmallow and honeycomb ice cream

Additionally the Mr Bao team have been nurturing their love of home comforts, not just in their unique food menu but also reflected throughout their original mouthwatering drinks menu too, which features aged teas flown in from Taiwan and cocktails including the likes of ‘The Imperial Concubine’s Smile’ made with lychee, vodka, green tea and elderflower and ‘The Inspector Wears Skirts’ which brings together Jinzu gin, namazake, apricot brandy, passion fruit, fresh lavender amongst many of other delicious fluid treats on offer at Mr Bao.


Mr Bao


Mr Bao are also open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, which includes their signature ridiculously tasty bacon bao with maple syrup.

With their unique new offering and recent pre launch tasting night selling out within a matter of hours, Mr Bao’s is set to become a surefire Peckham roadblock success.

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