East, North, Reviews


Disco Rules
Girls: No flirting with the English teacher
Boys: No shoving your mate into the girl he fancies. 

On arrival we were given a cute little “pack lunch” filled with sandwiches, vegetable crisps, chocolate and football stickers. Topped of with milk bottles (White Russians) complete with candy stripe straws. If ONLY school had been like this.
Monikers were celebrating the launch of the upstairs deck, a great space for private events, which has been kitted out to look like an old school bus! We were actively encouraged to graffiti on the walls and tables while the canapés did the rounds.


Mini shepherds pies, beef steak salad, cauliflower soup with truffle oil, buttermilk chicken and grilled leeks with parmesan was comfort food at its best. Desserts came in the shape of jam filled doughnuts (dare you not to lick your lips) and chocolate marquise with honeycomb crumbs.

A relaxed informal space, this is one place I wouldn’t mind getting detention!


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