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Mole Taco Bar

Finally – we’ve found great Mexican food in London. It’s about bloody time!

Marylebone are the lucky ones to have Mole Taco Bar in their hood but we’d recommend making the trip wherever you are in London.

In the summer expect the big glass doors to be flung open to create a holiday feel but the candlelight kept everything cosy.

The lovely passionate team recommended just about everything on the menu and honestly – nothing disappointed.

Food comes out as and when it’s ready but while your mulling over what to order (it might take you a while to narrow it down!) order their guacamole and chips – made fresh with pomegranates you’ll demolish this before you know it.


Obviously it would be sacrilegious to ignore their wide range of tequila – we thoroughly recommend easy drinking Coco Fresco with 1800 coconut (our fav!) with passion fruit, pineapple, lime juice and agave. Or jump on the Pisco Disco with their Guava twist on the classic – 1615 pisco, guava compote, chuncho amargo bitters, lemon juice. Normally I’m not a big fan of drinking cocktails with dinner but these just worked!


Highlights of the menu were the Baja fish tacos, with shark fillet tempura, chipotle mayo and jalapeño slaw. Jeez Louise these were good. You get 2 tacos per portion but I could have eaten a bucket of them.


Don’t though as you’ll want to leave room for their namesake Chicken Mole taco with just enough of a chocolate tinge without it being overpowering. And cliché of all clichés get the 15 hour braised chipotle shortrib just to see how easily the meat slides of the bone. The Quinoa side salad was super fresh and clean tasting, making everything taste that little bit healthier! Oh my goodness, I nearly did you an injustice by forgetting about the Chorizo & Potato Quesadillas – just so much yes.


There’s also a Raw Section on the menu (think Tuna Tostados & Seabass Ceviche) and a Peruvian Skewker section, the tiger prawns looked incredible. We’ll be back to try both as well as the slightly scary but super intriguing sounding Grilled Cactus & fig taco!!

There were a couple of desserts on the menu but understandably there was no way we could have taken another bite.

I’m always asked for good Mexican recommendations in London and until now have been hard pushed to give a passionate answer. Not anymore!

Having only been open for 2 weeks, you’ll want to go quickly before everyone catches on.


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