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Meet Bevy – the app that brings booze to your door.

Something amazing and very dangerous has happened – last week we discovered Bevy. If you’re not familiar yet, you will be. Bevy is a banging new app that will deliver alcohol, cigs, condoms & chewing gum, right up until 5am.

Yep, that’s right, you’ve been kicked out of The Dolphin, the only place left to hang is your living room but the cupboards are dry (who are we kidding, wine never lasts longer than one night at ours). Well now that scenario doesn’t mean bedtime because Bevy will hook you up with all the booze you want within 20 mins! You’ll only pay shop prices and there’s no min spend or cheeky hidden fees – it’s just a fiver per delivery. AND they are mega smiley and lovely drivers, no grumps.


Deliveries can be made to your location or to another address if you are on the move. All that’s left to do is GPS track your order and it’ll be with you before you’ve even had time to grab your coat.

Better STILL – we have a free delivery code for you – CRUMMBS

The app is free to download on the AppStore now: – what are you blimmin waiting for??

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