Meantime Brewing Company x Brompton Bicycle

If you like cycling and beer, then listen up! (Although not at the same time obviously, we only advocate safe cycling here!). Meantime Brewing Company has launched a new, limited edition Brompton Lager, a craft collaboration with Brompton Bicycle. The Brompton inspired brew was unveiled alongside a Brompton Bike inspired by Meantime.

The creation of the Brompton Lager celebrates two of London’s most well-known companies coming together as part of the launch of Meantime’s ‘Make Time for It’ campaign. Meantime challenged Brompton to create something special in just 6 weeks – in keeping with Meantime’s founding principles and something they refer to as the fifth ingredient in their beer; time. Each using the other as inspiration, both a beer and a bike were created that embody the shared principles of the brands.


With Meantime maturing their beer for a minimum of six weeks, far longer than many big lager brands, each brew is a perfect balance of flavours that have developed and matured.

The Brompton Lager is full bodied with a mix of fruit, spice and floral notes. The lager is made from a mix of Hersbrucker and Hallertau German hops alongside the unusual American Liberty hop. The distinctive deep colour in the beer comes from the use of the Bavarian malt, Carahell.

In reply, the Meantime inspired Brompton is an S2L, finished with some special components that give it a unique look. It’s perfect for London with 2 gears and a sporty ride position, perfect for a trip around the city that made these two great brands!

Get your hands on a few bottles of the limited edition Brompton lager and that’s a couple more Christmas presents sorted!

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