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McQueen Outdoor

OK so we are having a bit of a schizophrenic summer – there is no denying that. But that doesn’t stop Crummbs bringing you guys the latest and greatest al fresco drinking in our great city. And McQueens in Shoreditch is the latest legendary venue to bring us such offerings.

Set across the road from the main building, McQueen Outdoor gives their patrons a sophisticated space in an urban setting. Exposed brickwork, with graffiti and art dedicated to the legend Steve McQueen himself, you’ll find space to chill on quilted leather sofas, decking and large parasols, for whatever the weather decides to bring!

Not only is it a place to enjoy their signature cocktails, such as the McQueen Spritz (Kamm & Sons, Creme de Cassis, Prosecco and Soda Water) and the Cincinnati Cooler (Grey Goose, Manderine Napoleon, fresh mandarins, cinnamon, and fresh lime), McQueen Outdoor hosts a dedicated Champagne Bar and an outdoor grill. Think mouth-watering chicken skewers with roasted peppers and hot dogs and bacon crisps – just a sample of the delicious summer dishes on offer. Get down there – check it out!


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