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Marks & Spencer Best EVER Burger

M&S Best Ever Burger

At Marks and Spencer, they don’t do things by half. Last year they set out on a mission to create their best EVER burger and by heck – we think they’ve done it.

It was no mean feat – their lovely product development team travelled the world over – tasting 300 burgers from New York to Bristol and back again. Tough gig.

So what makes the best ever burger? 

First things first – the patty. M&S have worked closely with Kettyle, an Irish food producer who know everything there is to know about beef. They’re particularly well known for their salt-brick dry-ageing technique which gets incredible results. We even tried beef that had been aged for a whopping 300 days (not something you’ll find on the average menu, but a taste sensation nonetheless!).

It’s this level of detail and dedication that goes into all the meat at M&S. In fact, they are the only supermarket that can trace ALL of their beef back to the farm, and the exact animal it came from. So, beef suitably selected and aged, it’s then ground and lightly packed into the patty. They wanted to create the same loose burger that set their hearts alight in Brooklyn – you won’t find anything tight and dry here.

Next up you’ll need a bloody good bun to sandwich it into. May we suggest the Ale & Cornish Cruncher Bun? It’s made with Dorset ale and Cornish Cruncher cheese and holds everything in place (and we really did cram ours full) whilst still maintaining a soft and fluffy texture. We’re also in love with tahini so this savoury Sesame Seed Bun which is crammed with the stuff really hit the spot.

CHEESE PLEASE – forget the mild slice, M&S have created these cheddar & leek melts that you put under the grill for the ultimate cheesy topping. Outrageous. Of course, a good chunk of blue cheese will also do the job. Obviously you need a good ol blob of Tommy K – try this smokehouse one.


Oh no, we went crazy and added stout glazed salt beef AND BBQ beef brisket to the patty, because – why not! They’re really clever little tins that can be cooked in the oven or rather more excitedly – on the BBQ! If you’ve got the gang around for a grilling session, we’d say it’s definitely worth going the extra mile with one or both of these.

M&S stout glazed salt beef

Finish it off with salad, tomatoes, avocado and gherkins and enjoy.

This feature was written in collaboration with M&S, a brand we love.

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