Making whisky history!

Glenlivet has been inviting its loyal fans, from the four corners of the world, to come together to sample their favourite of three unique new whiskies.

The peoples favourite will become The Glenlivet’s next limited edition, The Guardians’ Chapter.
We were lucky enough to take part in one the tastings, at the lovely setting of No.11 Pimlico Road, where fans and connoisseurs mingled with Glenlivet based cocktails and delicious canapés picked to compliment the single malt – such as a sweetly glazed pork belly (we couldn’t get enough of this one), feta and watermelon combinations and a brilliant cucumber jelly and hot salmon canapé.

Now, personally, im not a big whisky drinker. It’s been a drink that I have I definitely intend on acquiring a taste for. So an evening sampling Glenlivets iconic Speyside malt was the perfect opportunity!

Each glass we sampled was accompanied by an great insight into the history and background of the whisky and really opened our eyes to what it was that we were tasting. We had to try and distinguish the flavours in each and match what we thought was present to suggestions that were given to us. This wasnt about your palette or getting things wrong – it was about engaging with what you were drinking, appreciating the nuances and learning what makes each taste what it is.

The biggest revelation for me was the difference in flavours i picked up from tasting to just smelling the whisky and in turn discovering sweet elements I had never been aware of.



It will definitely be interesting to see which of the three we tried goes on to become the Limited edition; whether the fans of Glenlivet will have a regard for Classic smoothness and enduring excellence…A passion for Exotic spice and enigmatic richness…Or a Revival of past sweet styles, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist. I guess we will all have to check out the website to find out!



The Glenlivet has just created a forum for whisky fans to connect and discuss their passion for the very best in whisky and beyond. Guardians are invited to explore and expand their connoisseurship within popular culture, design, technology and style, inspired by good taste and hosted on an exclusive digital hub available only to Guardians. You can also see which of the three whiskies is currently in the lead to become the limited edition. We’re still rooting for Exotic!

Becoming a Guardian will not only allow you to take part in the immersive Guardians’ Chapter tasting experiences, it will also unlock an unrivalled and exclusive range of events, experiences, products and downloads. It’s always great when a brand engages with its customers and lets them into a process that is so special.

The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter tasting tour will take place from September to December with the final product available to buy from March 2014 for a recommended price of £55

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