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Maki Mondays at Flesh & Buns

Maki Mondays Flesh & Buns

Let’s be honest, Mondays are no one’s favourite day of the week. However, the lovely people at Flesh & Buns are trying their best to change that with the launch of Maki Mondays! Hurrah!

Every Monday you’ll be able to get your hands on either a small or large handmade Maki platter for the very reasonable price of £10 or £20 respectively. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us! We went to check out exactly what was on the table…

Arriving on the beautiful blue platter was a mixture of Flesh & Buns most loved dishes. Think salmon avocado rolls, alongside spicy tuna rolls (our fave!) and crispy prawn tempura, alongside veggie-friendly cucumber avocado rolls. Just to give you an idea of portion size, we could only just about finish the large platter, and we were two very hungry people. Rest assured, you’re getting plenty of Maki for your money here.

If you did fancy a little summin, summin extra, the main menu features plenty of small plates to supplement your Maki fix. Try starting with the edamame in spicy chilli bbq sauce and a couple of the chicken yakitori skewers. To finish we fell into a food coma with the matcha tiramisu – like a regular tiramisu but instead of chocolate dusting you’ll find a matcha powdered top, with green tea soaked sponge and yuzu inside. YUM! Meanwhile you can’t go wrong with the MEGA Bone Daddies Sundae – an old school feast of a dessert, layered with matcha ice cream, almonds, strawberries, blueberries and chunks of honeycomb which will delight kids (and big kids!) alike.

Maki Mondays will be available in both Covent Garden and the flagship Fitzrovia site, every Monday.


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