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Lupita East

After being kept waiting by my partner in-dine, in sub-zero temperatures, it was more than a relief to stumble into Lupita East’s launch party – complete with Mariachi Band! From Commercial Street to Mexico in one step!

The Lupita East cocktails were an all-inclusive holiday in my mouth – we definitely recommend their namesake cocktail; we were torn as to whether it tasted like a strawberry cornetto or a twister lollipop! Either way, it was sweet enough to go down a treat and had us ordering more!


You may think you know Tequila until you down a shot of one of the Mezcales on offer here – then you realise you’ve been kidding yourself and that the guy who told you that the best Tequila came in a bottle with a little red hat was a big fat liar. You fool. In order to redeem yourself have a taster of one of four different aged Patrons on offer at Lupita.


We watched the chefs hard at work making us canapé portions of the meals normally on offer – I could not get enough of the Gobernador and its fresh farm shrimp and the ceviche was full of fresh flavour with just the right level of hotness to make you want more.


The Head Chef Marco Cuervo has worked his way around some of London’s best, yet commercial, eateries such as Wahaca and Pizza Express but it’s at Lupita where he really brings his heritage to life through his menu. Marco clearly has a lot of passion for what he does which was so apparent when we got to chat to him, if only briefly.


Typically an overlooked little pot of dip; I usually imagine guacamole as probably a dollop from a big cash and carry tub. But at Lupita they serve it fresh, mashing the ingredients in front of you. This is a really nice touch and just one of the many aspects of the menu that show that they have though of the small things – and that’s where it matters!


Thanks for having us guys – we felt the #LupitaLove and will definitely be back for the bigger portions! x


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