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*UPDATE* Lonzo is now closed.

With unlimited Lasagne on Sunday’s and a bread subscription – LONZO is the only place you need to have on your radar this comfort food season.

From the team behind the fabulous LARDO, this is a dynamic space designed to provide the community with specially selected wines, salumi, breads and meals served up on the large communal table!

So about that bread subscription – you can choose to receive a baguette, pane cofone or focaccia – so no more rushing into Tesco on the way home. These guys are serious about a good loaf, the breads at LONZO are based on the old traditions of long fermentation, wet doughs and hand moulding.

But what we’re really really excited about is Nostalgic Gluttonous Sundays.

Playing the part of your Nonna, LONZO is serving up endless trays of lasagne and steaming spiced rice pudding every Sunday. Better yet, you’re HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to go for seconds. Or even thirds. Grab a bottle of wine from the shelf, drink it with your friends and feast!

All you can eat Lasagne is £18 – with none of the slaving over a hot stove.

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