Lockdown Cocktail: The Highball Tea

Lockdown Cocktail: The Highball Tea

It’s World Whisky Day this weekend (16th May) so we’re letting Johnnie Walker take over today’s Lockdown Cocktail recipe.

We know what you’re thinking – tea syrup!? I thought these recipes were supposed to utilise store cupboard ingredients! Don’t worry guys, we’ve got your back! Because as long as you’ve got a dusty tea bag and some sugar knocking around, you’ll be able to re-create this impressive cocktail at home.

Don’t beleive us? Read on…


Lockdown Cocktail: The Highball Tea

This makes one cocktail, simply scale up to make more.



50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label (or whisky of your choice!)

10ml tea syrup (see below)

125ml soda water

Lemon to garnish



To make the syrup, pour a cup of your favourite tea using boiling water and dilute with equal levels of caster sugar. Leave the syrup to cool before adding into your highball.

Build your highball by pouring 50ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label, add 100ml of your homemade tea syrup and 125ml of soda water. Garnish with a squeeze of lemon.


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