Lockdown Cocktail: The Storecupboard Margarita

Storecupboard Margarita

For this week’s Lockdown Cocktail we present – The Storecupboard Margarita!

If there’s one positive we can take away from these long weeks of self-iso, it’s that we’ve nailed our margarita recipe. And the good news is, as long as you have the basic ingredients, you’ll be able to do it too.

The Storecupboard Margarita

This makes one generous cocktail, simply scale up to make more.


3 shots Tequila (we like Casamigos Blanco, Don Julio Reposado & Maestro Dobel Diamante)

2 shots Cointreau

1 & 1/2 shots of lemon, lime, or blood orange juice (or any other citrus that takes your fancy!)

Salt & chilli flakes (or if you’re feeling lazy, we like this one from World of Zing)




  1. First things first – rim your glass with chilli salt!

Start by spreading the salt (chunky flakes work best) and chilli on a small plate. Then take a wedge of your chosen fruit and slide it around the rim so you have a wet surface. Slowly roll the glass until the outside is covered, shaking off any excess.


  1. Shake in a cocktail shaker.

Add three cubes of ice and the tequila, cointreau and juice to a cocktail shaker (or jam jar), shaking until it’s cold.


  1. Strain into a glass over more ice.

If you like you can garnish with a slice of fruit.


Couldn’t be simpler right? This is our failsafe recipe where all you need to remember is 3, 2, 1 & ½!

That’s it! A simple storecupboard margarita to perfect during lockdown.

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