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Liberty Cheesesteak & Swing Patrol!

Old Bengal Bar is teaming up with The Liberty Cheesesteak Company and Swing Patrol to bring a taster of America to East London from 7th – 9th August.

Whether you want to join in or sit back and take it all in, swing lovers can expect free dance lessons to the beat of vintage swing music, but also performances and competitions.


The Liberty Cheesesteak Company, will be refuelling hungry dancers with melt-in-your-mouth rib-eye steak served with sautéed onions and three different cheeses to choose from, all served on an Italian soft rolls

Old Bengal Bar’s mixologist and The Liberty Cheesesteak team will also provide thirsty-goers with a selection of American cocktails, inspired by swing moves such as Swing Out, Texas Tommie, Doll Drop , Apple Jacks and Screamer.


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