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Let it Snow(flake Gelato)

We popped in to their latest luxury gelato haven, on Wardour Street, to see what all the hype was about.

I was cold, I’m not a big fan of ice cream and things like that, but you know what? They definitely served me some happiness with those scoops!

The place is decked out like a gelato parlour from the future with smooth curved lines and bright clear glass – all wrapped around a big range of delicious looking gelato’s, guilt free ice creams and sorbets.



We opted for a bunch of flavours – it’s good to mix it up a bit! These included Honeycomb Crunch, Biscotto, Salted Caramel, Date and Honey gelato’s plus a Kiwi and banana sorbetto and a pear flavour from the guilt free menu.



If, out of those flavours, you had to have just one and only one it would have to be the kiwi and banana sorbetto. It was amazing! So refreshing and full of fruity flavour! This was a cold December afternoon, but it went down just as well as it would on a hot summer. I can’t recommend it enough!

To go with our desserts we had a White Chocolate hot chocolate and hazelnut flavoured one. Both were delicious with the White Chocolate one winning out more on creaminess. But the added nuts were a great addition to the Hazelnut drink.

They also have some new Christmas flavours…but you’re going to need to run, run as fast as you can to get your hands on their rich Gingerbread gelato, a sell-out in the flagship Soho boutique. Staying true to their Italian roots, they’ve created their own spin on the traditional Italian Panettone by whipping it into an indulgently creamy gelato, full of the flavours of Christmas.

For an exotic twist on tradition, we’ve created a decadent Chocolate and Star Anise gelato, taking a classic chocolate gelato recipe and injecting it with the vibrant liquorice flavour of the star anise seed. Last but not least they have a new Ginger and Cinnamon gelato, a spicy yet sweet flavour sensation that conjures up childhood memories of Christmas past.

The festive flavours will be running for a limited time only until 31st December, so not long people!

Oh and if you’re feeling extra indulgent how about half a litre of gelato or sorbetoo?? With prices starting at just £10.00 🙂

If this all sounds amazing then how would you fancy a Snowflake Snowdrift sundae for two? For free? On us and the lovely people at Snowflake Luxury Gelato.

Well we have just that as part of our Crummbs Crimbo Hamper prize draw and you can win it! Along with some other awesome stuff! Go enter now »

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