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Le Tour de Teisseire Pop Up with FREE DRINKS!

The French are known for their long leisurely lunches, their love of gourmet flavours and their impeccable sense of style. Now, one of France’s leading drinks brands, Teisseire, is launching into the UK by bringing a dash of French flair to the lives of busy Londoners.

Teisseire has been creating authentic flavours in the Alps since 1720, but now, it’s time for us Brits to start adding a dash of flavour to our lives (and liquids!) whether we’re drinking water, coffee, hot chocolate, champagne, cider or even beer.

From Wednesday 13th until Friday 15th of May, Teisseire will be transforming Searcy’s Champagne Bar in St Pancras station into Le Tour De Teisseire. Guests can book in to enjoy a free 30 minute tasting menu, where they will be treated to three delicious drinks courses, starting with water, followed by champagne or beer, and then coffee. Each course will feature a new taste experience with Teisseire, and all will be served within 30 minutes to get you back to your real life swiftly and stylishly!

Expect to discover delights including the Framboise Cooler (still water, Teisseire raspberry and lemon juice), the Fraise de Champagne (champagne, Teisseire strawberry and a strawberry slice) and the Hazelnut White Mocha (white chocolate mocha with Teisseire hazelnut whipped cream). And yes, it’s all for free!

Book your free spot at: EVENT NOW CLOSED.

Le Tour de Teisseire is open from 13th – 15th May, 12-8pm each day at Searcy’s Champagne Bar on the Upper Concourse, St Pancras International station.


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