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La Tagliata Fitzrovia

La Tagliata

The City’s La Tagliata has had a baby – two in fact – this time in Fitzrovia, just a stone’s throw from Warren Street station.

If you’re familiar with the original restaurant on Sandy’s Row, you’ll know La Tagliata are all about premium Italian ingredients, served with impeccable hospitality. You can expect the likes of fresh pasta, rare steak and the dreamiest focaccia.

The second site is no exception (although there are some newbies on the menu!) but it’s their wine bar next door that we went to check out.

As with the restaurants, everything on the menus are either flown over from Italiano directly or made in house. The wine list is fully Italian too of course with a good selection by the glass – our top choice was the Super Tuscan, which was as the name suggests – super (and full bodied if you’re after a little more info).

Service is slightly more relaxed here with counter seating, small tables or a whole basement for you to spread out, should you wish. The menu has ditched the pasta and steaks and instead centres around fresh pizzas.

La Tagliata

We fell in love with most expensive, naturally, which had a white base and was lovingly topped with juicy porcini mushrooms, sausage meat and shavings of fresh truffle and truffle oil. Delish. We always aim for balance (ahem) so had a tomato base with culatello (Italy’s most prized salami), rocket and gorgonzola. Despite the cheese, it was sickly at all, it would be touch to pick a favourite.

They come pre-sliced into six pieces, as and when they’re ready, so you’re better of sharing a couple.

Alongside the pizzas we tried something new – Arrosticini – essentially lamb meat skewers which were both a little fatty and salty – in a delicious way. They’re only thin (think of them like a beer stick) so a good accompaniment to share with your date over drinks, or have as a side to your pizzas.

La Tagliata

There’s also cheese and meat boards which would work equally well before or after dinner, or as they are with cocktails. The quality of the cheese we tried was properly special and worth every penny.

As well as the wine there are also cocktails which we didn’t try this time, however the bartender happily knocked Mr Crummbs up a non-alcoholic version #DryJan. Expect Italian classics with a twist such as a White Negroni and a Chinotto Sour.

Of course, the legendary tiramisu is still on the menu, and that my friends is the only way to end your meal.

All in all, a great neighbourhood restaurant to have on your street, lucky Fitzrovia.


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