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La Bodega Negra

Ever wandered around Soho and questioned what’s behind the gaudy neon facade of a sex shop?

No, because it’s a sex shop and you know exactly what’s in there? ….Pervert.


Well, this particularly saucy shop front hides the entrance to a great little Mexican eatery, in a moody but vibrant basement, serving tapas style dishes and sweet mezcal cocktails (Bumblebee Man being my favourite).The portions go down a little too easy, particularly the selection of different meat taco’s, but team them with a main dish and you’ll be stuffed. But so should your wallet be as it is deceptively expensive. So you’ll either leave poor or wanting more.


Definitely one to visit, if only for the ‘oh it looks like a sex shop but it’s not, how funny’ moment. Which admittedly is quite short lived – but the cocktails are spot on & the music (Think Outkast pre ‘Hey Ya’ and Kiss) are enough to draw me back.


by @Jarvdesign



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