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King of the Wing

King of the Wing is returning to The Jam Tree Clapham, challenging London’s hungriest and most daring to put their taste buds to the test at what will be The Jam Tree’s hottest & fieriest spicy buffalo wing eating competition yet!

Thursday 17th September will see The Jam Tree Clapham’s secret bookcase room be transformed into a foodie hot-box, as fearless competitors with stomachs of steel and a relaxed approach to table manners, battle it out in a bid to be crowned King of the Wing. On the day, daring individuals will compete to wolf down as many of the Jam Tree’s red-hot spicy buffalo wings as they can handle in just 8 minutes.

At this year’s all-you-can-eat showdown, opponents will be fighting for culinary fame, glutinous glory and a hefty bar tab.

First prize is a £500 bar tab, as well as your name on the trophy and most importantly the legendary royal status. Second prize is a nifty £300 bar tab and third prize will still receive a £200 bar tab!

All participants also receive a limited edition T-Shirt for their brave (or stupid) efforts.

Laced with a dangerous and top secret combo of chilli, Tabasco and cayenne pepper, the Jam Tree’s fiery wings are tasty but not for the faint hearted.

Cold beers will also be served at the tables, as participant’s temperatures are expected to soar and tongues to tingle.

For those who think they’ve got what it takes to devour these smokin’ wings to the clock, all whilst keeping their cool, entry is now open and hopefuls can apply by emailing

For those whose hands turn clammy at the thought of it, The Jam Tree warmly welcomes guests to come and witness (laugh at) an evening of flushed faces.


Thursday 17th September 2015 – 7.30pm

To enter, or

Competition Entry: £12 (includes a limited edition t-shirt)


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