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With all this incredible fried chicken bubbling up from London’s streets KERB have decided to do what they do best: bring it all together to create one big, pulsating hot bed of flavour for everyone to enjoy.

The Bucket List is going to be one fried chicken adventure people will never forget. On the 5th and 6th May, 2017 at West Handyside Canopy, Kings Cross, expect flavour explosions from KERB’s always-on-point traders + new discoveries, including: Mother Clucker, Other Side Fried, Daja Chicken, Only Jerkin. The ultimate Bucket List winner is decided by ticket holders, rules below.

KERB Chicken

Cluck this: tea-brined, twice buttermilk soaked Cajun strips, cocoa chilli & maple chicken strips, ginger beer battered jerk chicken boulders, ‘chilli heat-wave’ tortilla encrusted tenders, Szechuan chicken pieces with fermented green chilli hot sauce, Taiwanese chicken-in-a-bag, spicy Gochujang glaze Korean wings and guava glazed pollo frito with habanero mayo.


A whole raft of delicious sides including melted cheese fries, hot waffles, pickled slaw, street corn with fermented pineapple hot sauce + Bill or Beak’s off-bucket-list soy-brined fried chicken Rancher burger with cheese sauce, jerk cauli-wings, fried cassava sticks with spicy coriander and feta. (And look out for SE Cakery’s special Sundaes).


Care of KERB’s own Bucket List Bar, serving your favourite KERB cocktails from over the years. Beavertown are bringing their craft beer bar pop-up, and Bacardi will curate a special mojito selection to compliment the crunch-down on all that HOT CHICKEN.


Live band, Mariachi El Pinche Gringo have the picante pipes and maravilla moves + KERB resident house-party DJ’s carrying the party on ’til late.


Robo-chicken racing. Yes, we can’t wait either.



  1. Every ticket holder is entitled to eight portions of chicken plus a complimentary alcoholic drink included in the price. Early Birds start at £20, available HERE
  2. Every ticket holder receives a portion of fried chicken from each Bucket List trader to load up their bucket, plus a complimentary drink of choice.
  3. Every ticket holder votes for their favourite at the Bucket List Wall of Fame
  4. Extra sides, extra chicken creations and extra sauces can be bought throughout the event.
  5. Kids under 12 can enter for free during the Saturday lunch session, but does not include food.

 KERB Mother Clucker


Mother Clucker
Tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered fried chicken strips served with homemade hot sauce and lime mayo
Other Side Fried
Cocoa chilli and maple chicken strips with a lime coriander mayo
Bill or Beak
Szechuan fried chicken tender, with green chilli sauce, fermented chilli sauce
Killa Dilla
A juicy chicken tender double-coated in crushed Chilli Heatwave tortilla chips + chipotle salt then fried till crispy
Daja Chicken
Boneless breast strips or boneless thigh pieces
Only Jerkin’
Jerk or mango chicken nuggets triple dipped in ginger beer batter
Masa fried chicken strips with guava glazed sauce and habanero mayo
Mother Flipper
Korean fried chicken wings with Gochujang glaze, spring onion, sesame seeds, Korean chilli flakes


Further information via kerbfood.com/the-bucket-list

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