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Kanada-Ya New Haymarket Menu

The latest & biggest Kanada-Ya restaurant at Haymarket has expanded its menu to include three brand spanking new Ramen options!

Particularly exciting for a mushroom hater like me, my favourite of the newbies was the Chicken-Paitan which is a comforting chicken bone broth with chashu pork collar and shredded leek. Surely even the “Boil your Bones” brigade would approve? Hemsley sisters – we’re looking at you.

Also available is Vegetarian-Ramen with porcini-soya milk broth and avocado sashimi or Truffle-Ramen with 18 hour pork bone broth and truffle paste.


Not only that but the sides have been pimped up to include Karaage (crispy fried chicken with mayo), Spicy Kale and Aburi Chashu (seared pork belly).

Whether you’re popping in for lunch or dinner, a selection of Sake & rare Japanese Whiskey is also available.


And we love that group bookings can be made via the restaurant’s dedicated WhatsApp group on 07886666663.


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