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Junkyard Golf Club London

After having a serious face-lift, Junkyard Golf Club is officially reopen at the Old Truman Brewery –we go down to check it out.

Junkyard Golf Club London may have landed a little less than a year ago but over 200,000 players have been through the doors since then, clocking up nearly 250,000 games of twisted, pun-packed crazy golf between them.

Jonathan Ross, Tom Hardy, members of Little Mix and Bastille, Jack Garratt, Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick and more have all given it a go so you’ll be in good company.

Fresh courses are now available with bars helpfully positioned throughout – and even midway through – courses for the super thirsty.

Bozo Junkyard Golf

We played on Bozo – not for the faint hearted – Bozo has a sinister circus theme. Complete with a Ferris wheel, hall of mirrors and some damn scary clowns.

There’s also Pablo which transports players from a treehouse, past a deep-cave-bear-wrestling-cage via a Rihanna themed forest, obviously. Not to mention a stopover at Rio-On-Sea. And finally there’s Gary – a good old-fashioned scrapyard challenge. Tyre loop-the loops, a salvaged slide, Gary’s UV garage rave and more.
These new kids on the block join the previously installed Blockbuster-themed fourth course, Bruce. Nine holes of Oscar-winning proportions skew the plots of legendary movies, move through prison cells, crocodile infested territories and Mount Mordor on a quest for glory.

Junkyard Golf Club


Looking for a fun date spot? This is it. Want to get the gang together – ideal. Each course takes about half an hour to complete so consider two games if you want to bed in for the night.

Junkyard Golf Club is open at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London seven days a week. Games are priced from £9.50 – £10.50 – per person per game.

All tickets can be purchased from: JunkyardGolfClub.co.uk

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