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José Pizarro, Broadgate Circle

José Pizarro, Broadgate Circle

If you can dodge the suits, it’s fair to say Broadgate Circle is a bit of alright. Although it opened back in 2015, we’ve only just got around to trying the third restaurant from José Pizarro (the first two – Jose and Pizarro – are both found in  Bermondsey) – and it was well worth the wait.

We were staying at the nearby Napoleon Hotel and needed to line our stomach’s before tackling their three bars. Yes, three.

It was HEAVING, so we were glad we’d booked a table, allowing us to dive right into the tapas. Otherwise expect to wait, although the turnover is probably quite fast – it’s a pretty buzzy restaurant.

We started with some pan con tomate (because it’s kind of obligatory isn’t it?) & a plate of their croquetta of the day – in this case blue cheese and spinach. Both great but the best was yet to come.

Gorgeous silvery slivers of Boquerones (anchovies) were served in the most vibrant green salsa verde imaginable. Gobble Gobble. Save some bread to mop up the sauce.

Slices of Mojama (cured tuna loin) arrived next. We’re not sure we’ve ever tried anything quite like it. Served with salty fried almonds, the slices looked more like cured ham but we absolutely loved it.

BUT the real star of the show – and we mean star – is the Pluma Ibérica. Jeez LOUISE this was bloody fantastic. Served pink, slices of this tender meat are carved up & served alongside a heap of padron peppers – all seasoned to perfection.

At £14.50 per 100g it ain’t cheap, our piece came to about £40 BUT we’d spend it again in a heartbeat. The acorn fed, 5J pork is served with a salvitxada sauce (a bit like romesco) but we also dipped it in aioli – probably sacrilegious but it was magnificent.

We skipped dessert and washed it all down with super-duper special G&T’s in glasses bigger than our heads.

We only wish every mealtime was this fun.

*Packs bags, moves to Spain*


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