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Hoxton’s New Secret Sunday Roast Residency – Bacchus Sundays

In case you haven’t noticed this weekend is a sweeeeeeet Bank Holiday – so that means booking a banging boozy Sunday Roast!

Recently launched Bacchus Sundays is Hoxton’s newest weekly restaurant residency offering traditional Sunday roasts to the discerning East London diner.

We’re promised “unpretentious and friendly service, relaxed surroundings and simply stated menus with honest prices” – who can argue with that!

(Roast course £15 / 2 courses £20 / 3 courses £25)


Originally Bacchus was home to an illegal bare-knuckle boxing club in the 60’s and 70’s and was a hangout for notorious villains such as the Kray twins and Lenny Maclean. Nowadays however expect to find their weekly Sunday residency at Hoxton Street Studios.


The team behind Bacchus Sundays believes that the Sunday roast needs to be savoured and never rushed so have worked hard to bring you “the perfect ambience” in which to meet with friends, read the Sunday papers, slurp on a ‘Mug of Mary’ and devour their delicious roasts.

“Sunday is my favourite day of the week” said, Jon Bourke, Founder of Bacchus Sundays

“The creation of Bacchus Sundays was to draw on all the amazing things about Sundays – we have created a casual and cool space for people to enjoy our national British favourite – the humble Sunday Roast”.

The foodie team behind the brand has perfected the Sunday roast concept.  Beef is cooked for 9.5 hours at 52 degrees to ensure it’s as tender as possible, the team make Yorkshire pudding mix 24 hours in advance to guarantee soft centred big Yorkshire puddings and they have a secret roast potato recipe and gravy is made from scratch with mirepoix and roast meat bones.

And if you can’t decide on your meat? Order the “Undecided” – beef, pork belly and chicken with all the extras!

Sunday Lunch is served alongside a selection of 3- 4 house cocktails, which change weekly but always include the classic ‘Mug of Mary’.


Finally, The Bacchus residency is set to descend the seas and bring a well-loved piece of British tradition to the little Mediterranean island of Ibiza for one day only on Sunday June 22nd 2014.

The Bacchus classic roast will be served against the backdrop of poolside villa ambience and a view over beautiful Ibiza Old Town. Bliss!

If ever there was an excuse to book your flight!

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For Bacchus Ibiza information and reservations visit:



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