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House of Wolf

So, Patrón puts on a pop up at a self dubbed “multi-functional, multi-sensory experimental pleasure palace” with unlimited cocktails… what could go wrong? Everything! In the best kind of way!

I don’t think I, or many other people – bar any strong Mexican contingency (is that racist?) that night had tasted so many tequila based cocktails in one sitting. There were canapés floating around – not that we saw much of those – but when you have Chocolate Apaixonados, Tequila Sunset with pomegranate and cocktails with chorizo, you’re basically having a drink AND a meal in one right?

The premise of the night was ‘Naughty or Nice’ with us starting in the ‘Nice’ room on cocktails shaped around Patrón Silver. It would be too easy for Patrón to have mixed up standard cocktails or any from their own ‘make this at home’ list – instead they offered quirky and tasteful mixes such as my fave ‘Back In The Saddle’ which consisted of Patrón, egg white and grapefruit.

House of Wolf is an amazing venue with different rooms which kept the party moving – though there was a bit of queueing which on the one hand was a big pain and on the other made the room pretty comfortable and spacious once inside. So you cant really complain. Unless you needed the toilet and had to leave. Then you had to start the queueing game again.

Besides the copious amount of cocktails that Patrón poured into us that evening; actors mingling with the guests and the craziest fortune teller you will ever meet definitely added to the vibe. The ‘Photobooth’ room built on the air of debauchery at House of Wolf that night (though I get the impress this venue is no stranger to debauchery on any night!) with masks, gags and paddles passed around for some hilarious (and painful) photos! Unfortunately we didnt last long enough to taste the tequila breakfast of Bloody Mary’s served up in cute little Patrón bottles topped with the obligatory celery. In hindsight, it was probably for the best that we didnt!

This review would have been longer, and we certainly had a lot to give great comments on at the time, but for some reason the night became a little bit of a blur! Maybe we were too naughty?

Good work Patrón, good work 😉 (and thanks for the goody bags!)

by @Jarvdesign and @Staceysssssss

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