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HotBox vs Smokestak

HotBox, the Spitalfields BBQ specialist, is to take on Smokestak’s David Carter for a competitive cook off on Monday 29th February. David will join the heat of the HotBox kitchen for one night only, going head-to-head with HotBox’s Lewis Spencer in a bid to be crowned London’s undisputed BBQ Champion.

Each chef will be going all out with his greatest dishes, hoping to win over the crowd of BBQ fans, who will vote for the eventual winner.  The challenge will be for each team to produce a sharing platter of their classic smoked meats, including Brisket, Beef Rib, Pork Ribs and a ‘wildcard’ meat, all accompanied with sides such as jalapeño ‘slaw, potato salad and pickles. After sampling some of the finest BBQ in town, diners will then vote on who is the best. The winner will secure bragging rights for years to come and, to add to the misery, the loser will have to place a sign outside their restaurant confirming that “Our BBQ is almost as good as (the winner)”.


Tickets for the smoke-off are £48 and include all food and drink for the evening, which will begin with a welcome cocktail in 46 & Mercy, located beneath HotBox. For the rest of the evening there will be wine, craft beer and bourbon cocktails to toast the winner.

Tickets can be purchased by emailing: hello@hotboxlondon.com

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