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Hero of the Week – Burger Bear Tom

After one too many banging launch parties (Ceviche, 5CC Singers Tavern, we’re looking at you) Crummbs HQ were feeling a bit worse for wear on Friday morning.

But our prayers were answered by Burger Bear Tom when he HAND DELIVERED four of his badass juicy burgers AND rosemary fries to our doorstep and saved our life.


What a GUY. We did ask him to marry us but he politely declined. We really were looking worse for wear. Haha!


Now this kinda life-saving service isn’t widely available, but if you are after a bite of his burger (and you really should be!) then you can find Tom at Stokey Bears or roaming around London regular spots in Tech and Hipster central, Shoreditch or over in Nunhead or Peckham in the wilds of South London. You can always guarantee he’ll have the disco pumping, the Q dancing and the burgers flowing.


The meat is supplied by Charlie at Flock & Herd (@FlockandHerd), Peckham’s finest butcher. His meat is sourced locally and is as sustainable as it could be. They are all about using local businesses. See – Hero.


You may have seen me mention BACON JAM over on insta and you heard right, Bacon Jam, the glorious ingredient that Tom makes from 12 crazy ingredients (including his dry cured streaky) in the disco kitchen in South London.


This jam, on the signature burger, The Grizzly Bear has got him where he is today! Minds have been blown. Ours included. They also sell jars at their popups so you can own this little jar of happiness yourself.


Get in on the action – facebook.com/burgerbeartom

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