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The sausage party just expanded…

London’s favourite sausage shop, Herman ze German, launch a brand new cocktail menu, extensive bier list and a delicious new dish, the Ze Bratmeister…

Im not a big fan of hotdogs but theres something devilishly wholesome about Hermans’  bratwurst and topped with their curry sauce you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy tucking in. So it’s great to hear they have expanded the menu with new cocktails and added an option that kind of sounds a bit healthier?? Is it ok to take a date for a drink and cheeky sausage?

Cocktail sausage anyone? Well not quite, but puns aside their brand new cocktail menu features both classic serves and delectably designed mixes with hints of Herman’s Germanic homeland all carefully handcrafted on site to perfectly compliment their sausages.


Herman ze German


Fritz-Kola mixers add a refreshingly German twist to the Cuba Libre alongside premium Havana Club rum and fresh lime, while Wyborowa Vodka packs a sweet punch in the Apple and Elderflower Spritz. The Cherry Bomb is a fizzy flight through Herman’s home in the Black Forest, with an enchanting mix of Fritz-Cherry, chocolate liqueur and Asbach brandy.


Herman ze German


The Hugo adds a sophisticated sparkle to this list of scrumptious serves infusing prosecco with a dash of elderflower and mint – a firm favourite in the motherland. Aperol Spritz, Gin Melon, Margaritas, Jägerbombs and the Mish Mashed featuring rye whiskey, finish off the menu to ensure sausage lovers of any cocktail inclination can now wash down their wurst of choice with a tasty tipple.

If you’re a big fan of Hermans currywurst but feel like mixing things up, they have also announced their brand new dish, Ze Bratmeister. Herman’s signature Black Forrest Bratwurst is garnished with a medley of freshly roasted vegetables, feta and topped with homemade veal gravy. Boom! Grab some sweet-chilli-mayo on the side with some cheesy chips and you’re sorted!


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