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Hendrick’s at London Cocktail Week

You may have noticed that London’s Booziest Week is well under way. If you’re lucky enough to be heading down then be sure to stop by on of the exciting activities from Hendricks Gin.

For those looking for something a little more unusual………

PortSide Parlour & Hendrick’s Gin Present: The Great Phantasmagorical Excursion

You will be taken on a peculiar auditory journey of strange imaginings. Inspired by the great Edgar Allan Poe, who researched extensively into the wondrous state of hypnagogia. That elusive moment which occurs just before sleep, when the creative mind is at its peak.

Sessions will include an arrival cocktail, The Great Phantasmogorical Excursion, Hendricks Masterclass and a tapas stylized dish to compliment the unusualness of Hendricks gin.


Or how about a total one off experience at……..

‘Bramble at White Lyan’

The marvellous Bramble will be popping up for one night only at White Lyan. Using Bramble classics with the style of White Lyan, Hendrick’s Gin will take centre stage of these wonderful concoctions.

  •         Thursday 8th October
  •         5pm – 3am
  •         White Lyan, 153-155 Hoxton Street
  •         No booking necessary


As well as these two exciting occasions Hendrick’s will also be part of the renowned cocktail safari with two charming cocktails made with this peculiar elixir being served at the Hawksmoor Knightsbridge and City Social. For those unable to make it why not try making City Socials cocktail, Vitamin Sea at home:


Vitamin Sea Cocktail Recipe

Cocktail being served at City Social (24th Floor, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HQ)

45ml Hendricks Gin

15ml Cocchi Americano

20ml Orange & Sea Buckthorn Sherbet*

20ml Lemon Juice

20ml Carrot Juice

2 dashes absinthe

* Recipe for sherbet;

250ml Seabuckthorn Juice

250g Sugar

Rind of 1 large orange

Dissolve on low heat, strain, bottle and refrigerate.

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