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HEAVENSAKE is the world’s first Franco-Japanese sake, the brainchild of Carl Hirschmann, Benjamin Eymère and Etienne Russo. They set out to bring a more modern touch to the traditional drink and in order to do so, enlisted the help of Régis Camus – world-acclaimed Cellar Master of the iconic French Maison Piper-Heidsieck and 8-time winner of ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year’.

Camus has brought his knowledge of Champagne blending and applied it to sake. His first venture into sake saw Camus working with Japan’s House of Dassai. Together they created the Junmai Daiginjo, the purest and most refined blend of sake with at least 65% individually polished rice grain.

Following this, Camus combined forces with sake house Urakasumi to produce the Junmai Ginjo which launched at the HEAVENSAKE ‘A Better High’ event during Paris Fashion week in 2017.

HEAVENSAKE is low acidity, sulphite, preservative and additive free, has no added sugar and is gluten free. They aim to push boundaries and encourage people to drink sake with non-traditional food pairings.


At a dinner hosted by HEAVENSAKE at Galvin at Windows we were treated to a three course meal, each designed to be perfectly paired with a choice of food options. To begin, the Junmai Ginjo was paired with raw Orkeny scallops, nori emulsion, blood orange, sweet soy and shiso. The Junmai Ginjo has notes of honeysuckle, white guava and dragon fruit so matched perfectly with the sweetness in the dish.

The main was served with Junmai Daiginjo which has notes of early summer pears, wild red berries and muscat grapes. A bolder, creamier flavour it was paired with pan-fried duck breast, charred gem lettuce, baby leek and tarragon jus.

To finish, the Junmai Daiginjo was also served alongside a chocolate fondant and orange ice cream.


With an ABV of 15% and 16% respectively, HEAVENSAKE are hoping to persuade people to replace the traditional bottle of wine at dinner with sake. And they are out to prove it can be done!

For more information, visit: www.heavensake.com

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