Heartsease Farm’s new pressé that changes flavour according to your mood!

Feeling down, or feeling cheery? Heartsease Farm is launching a new revolutionary pressé that caters to your mood. This new innovative drink has a molecular structure that can actually alter its property combinations; changing its flavour to match your ‘temperamental cravings’.

Heartsease Farm’s new formula senses when you have high level of endorphins in your blood stream, otherwise known as ‘happy hormones’, and changes its flavour accordingly. There is a chemical reaction between the endorphins in the drinker’s bloodstream and the molecules in the drink. The higher the level of endorphins, the more the flavour is altered and swings with your mood. Once you reach your personal endorphin threshold, which is different in all of us, the flavour actually changes to a completely different fruit within the same family. So a raspberry can become a blackberry or a peach may now taste like a plum.


William Watkins, Managing Director and founder of the company said ‘Our main focus has been to put Heartsease Farm at the forefront of the race to modernise the public’s “drinking experience”, pioneering a change in the world of beverages. Our scientists were put to work to try to discover a way to alter the core properties of a drink, so that the flavour would change according to the mood of the drinker. We have succeeded in what we wanted to achieve; and much, much more. We are thrilled with the result’.

Heartsease Farm’s new product was trialled on a thousand people, with overwhelmingly positive results. Rebecca Smith from Birmingham, said, ‘I would never have believed this was possible – it’s just incredible.  I tried the new drink on Monday and Friday and it really did taste different. What a clever drink!’

Try it for yourself & let us know what you think!

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