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Harvey’s British Eatery

One wintery Sunday afternoon, we recently wandered over to Clerkenwell Kitchen to enjoy some proper British grub. But we’re not talking pie and mash or fish and chips here, we are talking POSH British food at it’s best.

All locally sourced, all fresh, and most importantly, seasonal, we took our seats to sample 4 courses of indulgent food at Harvey’s latest pop-up.

The starter was delicious – definitely our favourite savoury course. Roast January King (that’s cabbage for us simple folks!), served with plump juicy mussels, in a smoked butter. Harvey had also baked his own sourdough to help soak up the juices (and last night’s booze!)

Next up was Wood Pigeon. Yep. We weren’t sure how we felt about this – one of us not too keen on game, the other not too keen on pigeons! Two breasts were served with flower sprouts – beautiful, and a great way to get the kids to eat their greens – and an artichoke puree. The artichoke was delicious and went well with all of the woody flavours on the plate. The meat was tender, tasty and had crispy skin on top. And not too game-y – I think we were won over!

“Afters’ came in two forms – firstly, a HUGE chunk of Doddington cheese – the UK’s answer to parmesan or pecorino. Strong, nutty and rock hard, it was served with a sweet elderberry jelly and soda bread. And as if we hadn’t ate enough food – the sweet was definitely something to make room for. Hands down the dish of the day, we were served a warm and comforting Baked Apple Cobbler. The apple, caramelised and soft, on a scone base. The dish dripping with caramel sauce and served with a whiskey cream – heaven!

The pop-up seats around 35 people, and it was great to see big tables of families enjoying the food. It was a little disappointing that you could only have wine in bottle form – we held off, but would have loved to had the option to enjoy a glass of red with the main.

Harvey is on hand to talk to his guests, inform people as to why he has chosen certain food types, and where in Britain they are sourced. A humble guy, with expert knowledge of food, it’s well worth booking into his next event on the 6th March!


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