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Try Gym Food with 15% off!

Gym Food

It seems pretty fitting that I’m writing this whilst at the FX Mayr clinic (on a very strict diet!!) but a few weeks ago we were invited to try Gym Food. In short it’s a new food delivery service that aims to provide HEALTHY takeaways.

Whilst I like pizza as much as the next gal (probably more to be honest), there are times that I just don’t feel like cooking, or just don’t have the time, yet still want something relatively healthy. It happens! And that’s where Gym Food comes in.

We’ll be honest, we are not fans of the branding, BUT if you can get past that the website is pretty clever. Every meal has detailed macros and calories and is split into sections like ‘The Bulkers’ for those trying to gain weight or ‘The Shredders’ for those that aren’t. Everything is available in sizes small to XL and we can confirm the medium is pretty bloody generous. We tried the chicken shawarma which came on a bed of quinoa and red pepper with a dollop of homemade hummus. Clocking in at 600 calories, it was 30% carb, 30% protein and 40% fat – intended for those looking to lose a bit of weight. We struggled to finish it though so could def have gone down to a small portion (I can only imagine the size of the XL!).

The service is currently only available in East London as they are based in Bethnal Green (and you wouldn’t want your food going cold now would you?) but we think it’s a super handy option if you’re taking your nutrition seriously.

Want to try it yourself? Enter code CRUMMBS15 to get 15% off your order.


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