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Green House Brain Food

Food delivery has come a long, long way in recent years. No longer restricted to pizza, burgers and Chinese takeaways, we can now get delicious, nutrition-rich food delivered to our doors at the touch of a button.

Green House is one such company offering exactly that. It’s the brainchild of Frederic Janssen who after years of being over-worked in the hospitality industry, suffered from depression and anxiety.

After looking into what he needed to do to feel better, he discovered that the answer lay mostly in the foods he should be eating. “After a while, having explored one by one the areas I needed to work on in my life, I understood that all of them were important to analyse and invest in, but that none of these efforts could work if the basic fuel to get me there was not right… food!” says Frederic.

Green House uses whole, nutrient-rich ingredients and make all their dishes, desserts and drinks from scratch. Organic when possible, they use no preservatives or ‘E’ numbers. They sweeten with coconut sugar for their desserts but never more than needed. Organic extra virgin olive oil is used for all their preparation as – according to their food ethos – it constitutes the keystone to a healthy brain diet. They make cunning use of exotic spices like ashwagandha, turmeric and reishi to help influence mood through their food.

So, what’s on the menu?

All the salads are cleverly designed to tackle a particular worry – whether that’s inducing sleep, anti-stress, promoting energy or getting us focused.

We started with a delicious and refreshing garlicky gazpacho before moving on to the ‘sleep salad’ which was packed with beetroot hummus, spiced walnuts, seeded avocado and the not-so-secret ingredient ‘Sleep Dukkah’ among other things. I can confirm I slept like a baby that night but that could have been down to the glass of red I had before bed. Beautifully presented and very substantial, we’d have liked our kale to have been marinated or cooked to make it a bit more palatable but portions are huge so you certainly won’t go hungry. However, a side of energy hummus with fresh crudites is the perfect extra snack to power you through that mid-afternoon slump. Treat yourself with a piece of cardamom banana bread or turmeric carrot cake, wrapped in paper and tied in string, it felt like a little present to ourselves for a hard day’s work.

Currently available in the City of London, Farringdon and all areas within a 1 ½ mile radius of Frederic’s Bethnal Green kitchen (plans to widen distribution are underway), Green House orders are delivered by Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Feedr and soon City Pantry in clever, sustainably-sourced oh-so-pretty, origami boxes which open up like a petal.


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