Ginger Pig Bacon Naan Roll… Last chance!

Tomorrow, Saturday 2nd Nov, is the last day you’ll have the chance to order this amazing collaboration between The Ginger Pig and Dishoom.


Dishoom’s version of a classic comes with bacon from acclaimed rare breed specialists, The Ginger Pig. Streaky bacon from Tamworth, Berkshire, Old Spot and Plum Pudding pigs, dry-cured for five days with rock salt and demerara sugar, then cold-smoked over oak chips. It’s a stronger, tastier, saltier bacon. A bit more badass, if you will. Served up in their naan, it’s a simple plate of awesomeness, all for you.

With the bacon straight out of their char-grill and combined with chilli-tomato jam, cream cheese and herbs – it’s the only bacon sandwich in London (and possibly, the world) where the bread is baked to order: each naan is cooked within seconds in the searingly hot tandoor ovens.

So go enjoy your belated Halloween parties tonight then tomorrow get your hungover arse to Dishoom Shoreditch or Dishoom Covent garden and wallow in the deliciousness.

The limited edition Ginger Pig Bacon Naan Roll (£5.90) is being served in Dishoom Shoreditch and Dishoom Covent Garden from Monday 7th October until Saturday 2nd November. Breakfast is served between 8am and 11.30am Monday-Friday, and between 9am and 12pm Saturday and Sunday.

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