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The Gibson Bar

We found the perfect place to grab a cocktail before dinner at Palatino – introducing The Gibson Bar.

Located near Old Street roundabout, this area is no stranger to the pretentious and downright ridiculous cocktail bar.

The Gibson Bar is a little bit of both but it’s also fabulous and hilarious. The menu is LENGTHY (12 pages kinda lengthy) but you’ll be given a little taster of punch on arrival to tide you over while you try to come to a decision.

Split into seasons, pick a month you fancy visiting and you’ll be transported to that month via their ‘time-machine’.

As it was raining we headed to January where we found a whisky based long drink infused with spruce resin, smoked juniper & rosemary, gooseberry chutney, ginger beer, wasabi and matcha, amongst other ingredients. Sounds mental right? Well it tasted like a Christmas tree and came complete with a lit pine cone, still glowing atop the ice.

The Gibson Bar

We fast-forwarded straight to June where we were rewarded with a Blue Mountain Mai Tai – a Tiki-inspired concoction with Havana rum, bourbon and roasted apricot kernel amaretto. Despite packing a serious punch it was served in an inflatable unicorn and topped with a piece of fudge. What else?

The Gibson Bar

This Edwardian bar is intimate, making it a great spot for a hot date and is just the right side of ‘themed’. You could easily spend all night here but don’t expect the time-machine to help with your hangover the next day.


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