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Botran, Guatemala’s first family of rum, are proud to bring their premium rums to British shores. And we’re even prouder to be able to let you have a little sample for free! Read on…

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As if you we didnt have you at ‘Guatemala’s first family of rum’  or ‘sample for free!’ how about we tell you Botran Rum’s depth and aromatic characteristics are the result of a unique barrel ageing process called “Sistema Solera”, that involves the meticulous blending of younger and older rums as they age for years in a sequence of Bourbon, Sherry and Port barrels. Aged in the highlands of Guatemala, the high altitudes and cooler temperatures also ensure a rare depth and complexity of flavour in Botran Rums.

There are three expressions of Botran Rums currently available in the UK, these are…
Botran Blanca aged 3 years and charcoal filtered to remove colouration.

Botran Reserva blended from rums aged 5 to14 years and

Botran Solrera 1893 blended from rums aged 5 to18 years.




Botran also has also won several major awards, including “Distillery of the Year” and a gold and silver medal at this year’s International Rum Conference.

Botran Reserva, Solera and Blanca rums are already available to sample in several of our favourite London’ bars including Night Jar, The Bulgari Hotel and Milk & Honey with signature cocktail Super Panda causing a sensation at The Langham.

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