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Gaylord’s 30p curry!

Gaylord has been a mainstay of London’s Indian restaurant scene for the last 50 years. First opening in 1966, that means it is time for a celebration! 

It is thought that Gaylord was the first London restaurant to have a Tandoor charcoal clay oven (sent all the way from Delhi!) which makes it one of the first places in the UK to serve the nation’s favourite dish, Chicken Tikka Masala.

In celebration of a wonderful 50 years, Gaylord is offering a special 1966 Menu all day on Monday 4th and lunchtime on Tuesday 5th July. They’ll be offering some of their signature dishes for the price from 1966, so you can get yourself a Chicken Tikka Masala for just 30p and a Tarka Daal for 15p!

We’ve been down and tried the Chicken Tikka Masala, as well as a Daal with Piazi Kulcha among others, and we can definitely say that 30p is a bargain for such delicious Indian food!

So if you’ve been craving a curry for weeks, now’s the time to act. Get yourself down there and help them celebrate!

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