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French Bubbles at The Anthologist

Now I’ve been to a few of these cheese and wine pairing nights, which are billed as an opportunity to really learn something new about a distinctly pretentious area. 
So – with this in mind I was expecting to learn nothing and be left both hungry and sober. I couldn’t be more wrong.
I was greeted by the lovely Maud – the co-founder and director of French Bubbles who was hosting this masterclass. Enthusiasm poured from her, as did the champagne. I’m not gonna lie, she was talking so fast in a beautifully thick French accent that a lot of it went right over my head. But I was distracted as the champagne was topped up regularly and the cheese boards were replenished. The only thing I wish Maud had included was how to open the champagne with a sword. Maybe next time.



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