Free Steak

So, the guys at Flat Iron are doing it again! Giving away steak! Free! For nothing! 

Their last pro bono offering was an evening of free Wagyu steak – this time they offer up chuck steak to get your teeth into gratis.

WTF is Chuck?

A hugely underrated group of cuts, where butchers go to find the most marbled meat on the beast. Hugely flavoursome and juicy, in the right hands it’s pretty special stuff. It frankly deserves some celebration, along with a bit more respect than it usually gets. The chuck contains a number of great cuts (including the Flat Iron), but this Tuesday we’ll be serving two of the best: Chuck Eye and Chuck Centre. Great cuts from great beef- specifically Queensland barley fed Angus and Angus Wagyu cross. Marbletastic.


Chuck Tuesday

When: Tuesday 13th August from 5.30pm
Where: Flat Iron, 17 Beak St
What: Free Chuck Steak, only pay for any drinks / sides you would like
Why: To spread the good news of Chuck Steak to London’s beef lovers





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