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FREE STEAK at Flat Iron Kings Cross

Flat Iron Kings Cross

Flat Iron is opening the doors to their Kings Cross restaurant on Thursday 4th October and to celebrate they will be butchering and giving away all the cuts from an entire 30-day aged Dexter steer.

Each week Charlie & the Flat Iron team taste all the beef that comes in and score it for tenderness, juiciness and flavour. Tough gig right? To date the highest scoring animal was a memorable steer finished on a diet of rolled barley, brewers grains, sugar beat and hay from Charles Ashbridge’s farm in Thrisk, Yorkshire. Charlie has another one of these rare animals from the same farmer on the way and felt giving every cut away was a great way to mark the opening of Flat Iron Kings Cross. We agree. The animal will be butchered at the new restaurant, before being served up in a host of cuts; from rib eye to sirloin, underblade fillet, to tri tip and rump cap, showcasing the depth of fantastic cuts available from one animal.

Founded by self-taught butcher Charlie Carroll and originally conceived as a pop up back in 2012 (which we were at!!), Flat Iron have since built a cult following of guests, making it their mission to serve the best possible steak to everyone who walks through their doors. I mean, who hasn’t enjoyed one of their £10 steaks?

Alongside the Dexter, Flat Iron’s classic beef dripping chips will be joined by their brand new Wagyu Fries, cooked in wagyu fat, prized for its sweet nutty flavour. For dessert, made to order ice-cream will be available from the dedicated ice-cream station at the heart of the restaurant, and craft beers and cocktails will be shaken up behind the bar.

Flat Iron Kings Cross will open on the 4th of October with the Dexter Feast taking place from 6pm. Cuts from the Dexter will be complimentary all evening and served on a first come first served basis – just pay for drinks and sides.


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