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Plucky London start-up, Mojo Box, is bucking the trend as study shows worldwide obesity levels outnumber underweight

Mojo Box has announced today that it is receiving record numbers of sales of its healthy lunch time boxes and platters.

Today researchers from the Imperial College of London published figures showing there are now more adults in the world classified as obese than underweight.

However, as this trend develops, many people are taking the opposite approach. Philippe Fraser, from Mojo Box, says “We are finding many professional Londoners are taking an active interest in their wellbeing, and are making healthy choices. Most Londoners realise diet and obesity are linked, and want to act accordingly.”

Mojo Box offers delicious, carefully crafted lunch boxes and platters for office workers in central London. The food is targeted at people wanting to have regular, clean, healthy lunches, packed with nutrients, whilst still enjoying delicious indulgent flavours.


Most people enjoy variety and Mojo Box’s lunches have taken this concept and made it into their signature boxes and platters. “When we designed these lunches, we wanted a variety of nutrition with flavour-packed ingredients – and we wanted something playful. So each lunch box has a range of textures. Some things you can eat with a fork and some items you can pick up with your hands. There are creamy items as well as fresh crunchy items. There is food in a wide range of colours. All the variety you would want in a proper meal.”

“Our clients are busy people who want the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced and produced. They have busy demanding lives, and want a nutritional boost to keep them going. We aim to give them their Mojo back” says Philippe Fraser. It is difficult to argue with that.

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