Taste buds and charcoal alike are heating up for the imminent opening of Walter and Monty, London’s hottest grill set to open in the City.

Joining the appetite for BBQ currently rumbling through London, Walter & Monty is proud to present their version of charcoal cooking. On the Grill expect to see beef picanha sourced from London’s best meat market Smithfield, as well as butterflied Leg of Lamb marinated in mint, garlic and lemon. Serving choices are simple; enjoy it wrapped in a flatbread warmed on the grill or straight up with rice and salad and don’t forget your choice of house sauce on the side (choose from no less than six) which range from a flaming Scotch Bonnet to a more mellow Feta and Garlic.


Aside from meat and fish, a big feature of the Walter and Monty menu will be their salads, think Beans and Peas Salad (kidney beans, chickpeas, coco beans, lentils, fava beans, French beans, red onion, diced fennel, black olive, feta cheese, and oregano vinaigrette) as well as Cauliflower Salad (50% roasted cauliflower, 50% deep fried cauliflower, brown butter croutons, crispy pancetta, shaved parmesan cheese, cumin vinaigrette).

If you like the sound of that you’ll want to pop the 14thand 15th April in your diary when they’ll be giving away free lunches!  – no bookings just come and taste the delicious food they have to offer!

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