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Free Bloody Mary’s at TABASCO® Pick-Me-Up Pit Stop


Sore head? Fear not, the UK’s first Bloody Mary café is coming to town. The TABASCO® Pick-Me-Up Pit Stop is promising to help perk up commuters during the busy party season.

Open for two days only (14th & 15th December), a squad of the nation’s top chef and bartender talent have been enlisted by TABASCO® to create dishes and drinks inspired by the world’s most iconic reviver cocktail – the Bloody Mary.

They’ll be serving this special menu FOR FREE from The Green, Boxpark Shoreditch, 2 Bethnal Green Road E1 6GY, 8-10am on the 14th + 15th December.


The Bloody Margherita Pizza:

5.8 million Brits will be craving pizza more than any other food the morning after their festive parties. In response, TABASCO® Brand has teamed up with booming Neapolitan pizza maestros, Pizza Pilgrims, to create the ‘Bloody Margherita’. Complete with a Bloody Mary and TABASCO® Sauce, this savoury slice is topped with baby celery leaves and smoked mozzarella – it’s literally a Bloody Mary, pizza-fied!


The Queen of Scotch, Scotch Egg:

Eggs came in at number four in the chart as Brit’s morning after hankering, and favourite London gastropub, the Drapers Arms, has brought back their award-winning Pork and Haggis Scotch Egg – now served with a Bloody Mary dip featuring the kick of TABASCO® Sauce.


Micro Mary, Cocktails:

The TABASCO® Pick-Me-Up Pit Stop will of course feature a Bloody Mary bar serving up a cocktail collection of miniature on-the-go ‘Micro Marys’, the perfect sized portion to perk up your morning. These include a ‘Wasabi + Coriander Micro Mary’ designed by award-winning bartender Rich Woods, AKA, The Cocktail Guy, known for creating imaginative and daring recipes. And to complete the collection, a ‘Smashed Avo + Spinach Micro Mary’ inspired by popular breakfast items has been created by TABASCO® Brand as well as morning favourites including a ‘Classic Micro Mary’, and punchy mocktail, the ‘Virgin Micro Mary’.


Bloody Mary Mince Pie:

For festive spirit, leading baking specialist and food artist Juliet Sear has created the UK’s first Bloody Mary Mince Pie. Harping back to the original mince pie containing minced meat, this mouth-watering recipe fuses top quality minced beef and the ingredients of the iconic reviver cocktail to create a delectable and comforting savoury delight.


Sweet with Heat, Marshmallow:

Sweet treats came in at number three in the poll as a favourite morning after cure. To top it all off, Oonagh Simms, the creator behind gourmet marshmallow company, The Marshmallowist, has designed a decadent Spiced Vodka + Tomato Marshmallow. Hand crafted from fluff to cut, the ‘sweet with heat’ treat is made with the finest ingredients and is sweet, smoky with a subtle kick from TABASCO® Sauce and has a soufflé-like texture that melts in your mouth.


If you can’t get down to the café, TABASCO® Brand in collaboration with selected bars + restaurants across the UK have got your mornings covered with even more limited-edition specials as part of the ‘TABASCO® Pick-Me-Up Menu’. All items are infused with Bloody Mary flavours and the signature kick of TABASCO® pepper sauces and are available throughout the month of December.


Visit to view the latest bars and restaurants serving up dishes and drinks for sale from the ‘TABASCO® Pick-Me-Up Menu’ inspired by the Bloody Mary cocktail.

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