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Forza Win(ter)

New season, new food, same roof. The guys at Forza Win(ter) can do no wrong in our eyes.We were greeted by the loveliest staff with hot buttered rum at our favourite roof in East London.

So a few things to note – they’ve come up trumps with bad boy heaters and a canopy roof meaning you can eat, drink and be merry without fear of a hurricane blowing your fork away.


Pizzas were replaced by creamy Italian fonduta which I still find myself dreaming about when I’m alone. The lovely staff bought round a great big selection of delicious things to dunk into our fonduta including home-made salted ham from The Ginger Pig and roasted British veggies.

It took all my self control to refrain from drinking the creamy stringy fonduta straight from the bowl. Oh wait, there’s a pictures of me doing that…


Dessert has moved on since delicious dollops of espresso in the summer & we got a choice of Tiramisu, Cherry or Lemon Gelato based lovelies from the good folk at Gelupo. By this point I’d lost interest in the food and was singing along to my old favs I’d learnt in the summer from Josh Flowers & the Wild.


We want our lives to look like this, can’t wait for the next one x



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